Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Medicine?
Chinese Medicine is the world’s oldest, continuously practiced medicine. With a written history dating back 2,500 years, the actual practice is thought to be far older. Chinese Medicine is a complete system of medicine consisting of thorough intake and examination, disease diagnosis, pattern discrimination, treatment principles and treatment strategies. Treatments are multi-tiered and include the practice of acupuncture and the prescribing of herbs.
Why are Chinese herbs part of my treatment?

Chinese herbs combine synergistically with acupuncture and have been safely used for over 2,500 years to accelerate the healing process. Balance Point Health prescribes herbs from companies offering the highest quality ingredients. All the products are subject to stringent testing and are FDA and GMP-compliant. Like acupuncture, herbs work best when taken consistently at the recommended dose. Any recommended dietary supplements are based on modern research. You may also find other brands and can purchase your herbs and supplements wherever you choose.

What are Chinese herbs, and how are they prescribed?

Chinese herbs come in various forms including raw herbs, granulated herbs and
ready-made pills and tablets. Practitioners prescribe herbal formulas based on an
individualized pattern differentiation and disease diagnosis. The patient receives a
custom written prescription designed to treat the individual symptoms, while also
addressing the patient’s underlying constitutional pattern.

What's in an herbal prescription, and how is it consumed?

Chinese herbs contain many natural substances, such as bark, flowers, roots, leaves, twigs and stems. Occasionally herbal prescriptions may include ingredients from the animal and mineral kingdoms. Herbal formulas are typically decocted by the patient and made into tea. This involves boiling herbs for 45-60 minutes, straining and consuming them several times daily. Powdered extracts and pills are options for those unable to make herbal teas. The custom formula also allows the maximum practitioner flexibility in writing prescriptions for individual patients. This way, the patient can take modified formulas daily if conditions rapidly change.

Why take Chinese herbal medicine?
Chinese herbal medicine treats a vast range of diseases. Herbal decoctions can address a variety of disorders because every formula is custom-made to target the patient’s chief symptoms and underlying constitutional problems. Chinese medicine can treat acute diseases such as colds, flu, musculoskeletal injuries and pain, and chronic illness, including allergies, gynecological disorders, viral infections, degenerative diseases and post-surgical or chronic pain.

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