Using the NAET program which consists of muscle testing and acupuncture Brian Vick has changed my life. For most of my life I have been a sufferer of seasonal allergies and had a fairly bad allergy to cats. Suddenly during the holidays of 2005 I began to have difficulty breathing when I would lie down to go to bed at night. My body was producing tons of phlegm and it was collecting in my chest.

After two years of trying to avoid different foods and figure out by myself what my body was sensitive to, I finally went to get a simple blood test.
This tested broad areas, not specific items. I was allergic to six different molds, yeast, eggs, cat dander and grass, just to name a few. I went on a strict diet and really tried to avoid any food that was aged, fermented, and not really fresh. I felt better but then something would trigger it all over again, and I would not even know what the culprit was. I started to see Brian in February of 2009. He explained NAET to me and we started the treatments. NAET has a very specific order that needs to be followed, so we started at the beginning. After six treatments I could feel a shift in my body and started to feel much better. Once we got done with the basic treatments he began to treat me for items that I was specifically sensitive to. I now feel so much better it is amazing. Not only can I eat what I want, but I realized one morning this summer that I do not wake up every day sneezing anymore like I used to.
I highly recommend Brian to anyone with or without allergy issues. The NAET, used correctly, I believe can truly change your life if you are an allergy sufferer or have sensitivities to things. If you do not have allergies acupuncture can be used to treat other issues or just to balance the body. Brian has also helped me with digestion issues and to sleep better as well. I feel so good after each treatment! Brian truly wants to help people feel better and he has done that for me. He has great bedside manner, really listens and is very patient. Give Brian a try!!

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