How Acupuncture and Allergy Elimination Changed My 9 Year Old’s Life

My daughter Clara has always been incredibly active, sleeps well, has friends, and in general was very healthy. But she’s gone through her share of emotional distress in her young life, too. I think we can never underestimate the impact that emotional trauma can have on our bodies–at any age.

She began having tummy trouble sometime around late 2012/ early 2013. We had many things going on in our family that may have caused her to be upset, to be sure. But the trouble was something we could not really put our finger on. 

It was always just pain. There were no other symptoms at all that one might associate with stress, but typically a sharp, pointed pain in her belly. It was enough to cause her to miss nearly 20 days of school last year, and that process was exasperating.

At one point, after waiting weeks to make an appointment, we visited a G.I. doctor in Northern Virginia who ended up prescribing her some form of antacid, and were told to wait and see what happened. She felt mildly better, but the pain persisted. Her pediatricians could never identify anything out of the ordinary, and one just chalked it up to stress, saying our next option would be to conduct a scope procedure. I couldn’t imagine.

Thankfully, friends referred me to Brian Vick, owner of Balance Point Health here in Denver. I had little knowledge of acupuncture, but after 2 years left us scratching our heads and wondering what to do, I realized that perhaps there was some sort of imbalance we could correct somehow.

Brian is trained in the Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET). I was stunned when he began using this protocol during our very first visit and began revealing that Clara had a number of allergies to the most common micronutrients in all our diets. At last, some answers to her pain.

He began testing her for the basics, like Vitamins C and A, and she reacted strongly to both. Then he tested for groups of elements and nutrients, such as citrus, berries, and beef, chicken, gluten, and dairy. One by one, Clara revealed sensitivities to many elements and groups. And after eliminating the sensitivity or allergies one by one, she began to feel better. She even began to identify elements on her own that seemed to cause pain after meals–like one Indian spice combination we like to use–and so we began to go specifically to test formally and treat based on her own intuition. We’ve probably eliminated about 15 sensitivities/allergies, and her tummy troubles have altogether been healed.

The NAET process is shockingly simple: Brian places a glass vial of a potential allergen in Clara’s right hand as she lays on his table. She doesn’t know what is in the vial. He asks her to raise her left arm, and push against his hand as hard as she can. If the element in the vial is a threat to her body, her body sends energy to the right hand to begin reacting to the vial–thus leaving her other arm weak and unable to push well. And that’s how we know there’s a sensitivity. Then, while she holds the vial, he performs some acupressure along her back that literally trains her body and her mind to accept this element–that it is not a threat at all.

With Clara, who doesn’t mind the use of needles, he then reinforces the message to her body by applying needles using traditional acupuncture–but stresses that for kids who may not wish to use needles, there are ways to get the same effect and absolutely no fear factor.

Brian is expert at working with kids–from just a few months old on up. He specializes in pediatrics, and children–mine included–feel perfectly comfortable with him.

I’m grateful for this technique, and this healing that has taken place without a single pill, prescription, or invasive scope. I share this story with hopes that other parents who may be watching their children suffer for these or other unknown reasons might be inspired to try acupuncture, or the NAET protocol, or other Chinese medical remedies. While not 100% effective, NAET is even known to eliminate even severe seasonal and pet allergies.

As we’ve begun a new school year, we’re working with Brian on different ways to keep her in balance and to strengthen her immune system to ensure she has a great school year.


Our entire family is so thankful to have found Brian as our acupuncturist! He has an amazing way of putting all of us at ease with his reassuring demeanor and vast knowledge of every inch of the human body! Brian does a great job of explaining everything on the level of his patients whether they are 4 or 84. One of the attributes that I like best in a doctor is one who listens and Brian fits that bill.

He listens and he is very thorough.
I had a severe allergy to eggs that caused terrible abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. After going through the NAET program I am happy to say I can eat eggs once again with no side effects! I was even able to get a flu shot this year.
Brian has also treated me for pain due to a shoulder injury and I am back to playing golf this season. Who knew that by treating my right ankle, I would find relief in my left shoulder? – Brian did of course.
I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos) as well. Because I already have two children, I am not seeing him for the infertility issues that often accompany pcos. Instead, Brian is treating me for regulation of my cycle and for the hormonal imbalances I have been experiencing. I have to say that it is working and I feel much more in synch with my body.
When my youngest son was 5, the allergist we were seeing at the time said he wanted to start my son on shots because his seasonal allergies were so severe. We opted to turn to Brian and are so thankful we did! After going through the NAET program, my son is allergy free! No more allergy medicine, drops, sprays, and best of all, no shots or expense! This is pretty amazing for a boy whose major allergen is grass – considering he lives in it!
Then there is my husband… He is seeing Brian for a variety of issues. He’s had two back surgeries that didn’t work and that left him with chronic sciatic pain. Brian has been instrumental in alleviating that pain. He has also helped him with depression, anxiety, constipation and cold feet and hands just to name a few.
Brian is able to pinpoint our symptoms and treat us with results in a way that we are convinced our family practitioner could not.
Thank you Brian and Balance Point Health. Our family doesn’t know what we would do without you!

Sincerely, The Hough Family Parker, CO

Brian treated my son, Connor, when he was 1.5 years old. I had been working with Connor’s doctors for months trying to get his bronchitis/asthma under control and nothing worked. I reached out to Brian in hopes that he would be able to help us. Within the first couple of treatments we saw improvement in Connor. Having such a young child I wasn’t sure how well it would work but Brian was amazing!

Connor looked forward to seeing him as it was always a positive experience.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian for his expertise helping me with my Meniere’s disease. I had lost 80% of hearing in my left ear, endured tinnitus every hour and had many bouts of vertigo rendering my life difficult to say the least. After several months of diuretics, oral steroids, and steroids injected into my inner ear, nothing was working. That is when I was introduced to Brian.

He has the heart of a teacher and explained the many options we could try to get at the root of the problem.
After several treatments my tinnitus went away, my hearing came back to near perfect and the bouts of vertigo had disappeared. I truly appreciate all that he has done for me and owe him a debt of gratitude for restoring not just my hearing but my life!

M. Anderson

Using the NAET program which consists of muscle testing and acupuncture Brian Vick has changed my life. For most of my life I have been a sufferer of seasonal allergies and had a fairly bad allergy to cats. Suddenly during the holidays of 2005 I began to have difficulty breathing when I would lie down to go to bed at night. My body was producing tons of phlegm and it was collecting in my chest.

After two years of trying to avoid different foods and figure out by myself what my body was sensitive to, I finally went to get a simple blood test.
This tested broad areas, not specific items. I was allergic to six different molds, yeast, eggs, cat dander and grass, just to name a few. I went on a strict diet and really tried to avoid any food that was aged, fermented, and not really fresh. I felt better but then something would trigger it all over again, and I would not even know what the culprit was. I started to see Brian in February of 2009. He explained NAET to me and we started the treatments. NAET has a very specific order that needs to be followed, so we started at the beginning. After six treatments I could feel a shift in my body and started to feel much better. Once we got done with the basic treatments he began to treat me for items that I was specifically sensitive to. I now feel so much better it is amazing. Not only can I eat what I want, but I realized one morning this summer that I do not wake up every day sneezing anymore like I used to.
I highly recommend Brian to anyone with or without allergy issues. The NAET, used correctly, I believe can truly change your life if you are an allergy sufferer or have sensitivities to things. If you do not have allergies acupuncture can be used to treat other issues or just to balance the body. Brian has also helped me with digestion issues and to sleep better as well. I feel so good after each treatment! Brian truly wants to help people feel better and he has done that for me. He has great bedside manner, really listens and is very patient. Give Brian a try!!


When I first began treatment at Balance Point Health, I went because my family physician was unable to explain an irregularity in my routine blood work that had been popping up for nearly two years. I wasn’t sure what the treatment would be able to accomplish, but I thought “Hey, why not give it a try?” After my first treatment, I felt amazing! The energy boost alone had me hooked.

After working with my regular family physician and Brian at Balance Point Health, my blood work has stabilized over time. Brian is a true professional and is very careful to explain every treatment very thoroughly.


I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for about 10 years. Nothing in Western medicine’s arsenal completely stopped the cramps I would get. I tried diet changes and every pill my Doctor could think of yet the cramps were so bad that all I could think about was getting into bed and moaning. It was totally affecting my life and my work. In my search for some relief I asked my Doctor about trying

acupuncture and he recommended Brian Vick.
With a mixture of NAET, acupuncture and herbs Brian has given me my life back. He used NAET, as explained on his website, to eliminate allergies and reactions I was having to foods, my meds and even some emotional reactions to people and situations. It sounds silly but I know it works. The proof is in how I feel. I don’t need to take as many prescriptions now. I am more balanced emotionally and as an added side effect that time of the month is hardly noticeable. Those cramps and irritability have disappeared too.
I would recommend Brian to anyone and everyone. He is knowledgeable and personable. I look forward to my appointments with him.

A. Fisher
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